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Posted on Tuesday 2nd April

In Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 500 years ago, the Tudor warship Mary Rose was built, and on 31 May she will become the only sixteenth century warship on display anywhere in the world.

As the new central attraction in the dockyard, just metres from Nelson's flagship HMS Victory, the new Museum is a giant 'air lock' and time capsule, where visitors can enter a controlled environment to experience a unique journey through the ship and Tudor life.

The opening of the new Museum, which will house the most comprehensive collection of Tudor artefacts in the world, marks 30 years since the hull of the Mary Rose was raised in 1982, and 437 years since she sunk.

The new Museum reunites the ship and thousands of the artefacts raised from the wreck and is built around the hull in a pioneering building design.

Conservation work is currently ongoing, and the science behind this is explained within the exhibition.

Visitor numbers are to be limited due to the nature of the ongoing conservation work, anyone wishing to purchase tickets for a specific time and date can do so via the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard website from 8 April.

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