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Posted on Tuesday 14th May

On Thursday, 16 May, the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters Raid, the Royal Air Force will transmit for the first time on Twitter the original telegraphy signals from the raid.

The tweets will substitute the original Morse code signals, and will be posted minute by minute on the RAF’s official Twitter account @RoyalAirForceUK as the raid originally occurred. Additionally, there will also be tweets highlighting unfolding events which were unknown at the time, such as when aircraft were lost throughout the night raid.

Warfare has several free articles currently available covering various aspects of the Dambusters Raid of 1943 including The Men Who Breached The Dams and an account by Pilot Officer George 'Johnny' Johnson.

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The mission became popularly known as the Dambusters raid, and was immortalised in a 1954 war film. It was one of the most famous air operations of World War II.

Casualties for the raid were high. Eight of the original 19 Lancaster bombers were damaged or shot down, and of the 133 aircrew, 53 were killed and three captured.
On the ground, too, almost 1,300 people were killed, including 749 Ukrainian… Read more...

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