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Posted on Wednesday 15th May

Dublin-based author, editor and designer, Charles Foster, has been busy compiling and writing an online Dambusters Blog since 2008 – the 65th anniversary year of the raid, intending it as a service to anyone who would like to find out more or share material about the Dambusters.

The blog focuses on the RAF’s 617 Squadron between its formation in March 1943 and the end of that year. Foster started the blog following the publication of his book Breaking the Dams – The Story of Dambuster David Maltby & His Crew (Pen and Sword, £19.99) which tells the story of Dams Raid pilot Squadron Leader David Maltby, the elder brother of Foster's late mother.

In the lead up to the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters Raid, the blog has featured numerous 'Dambusters of the Day' as well as a comprehensive list of commemorative events and other relevant posts.

Follow Dambusters Blog on Twitter: @DambustersBlog.

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Breaking the Dams

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Breaking the Dams

(Hardback - 208 pages)
by Charles Foster

This is the story of the author's uncle, David Maltby and the crew with whom he flew on the famous Dam Raid in 1943. Just five months later, on their return from an aborted mission to bomb the Dortmund Ems Canal, they all died when their aircraft went down in the North Sea. Only David's body was recovered, washed ashore a day later, and identified by his 18 year old sister - the author's mother.… Read more...

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