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Posted on Monday 20th May

Crowds are expected to gather in Portsmouth today to watch the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal leave the port for the last time at around 1.00 pm.

The former Royal Navy flagship was formally decommissioned at a ceremony in 2011, and the Harrier jets that flew from her were sold off to the US. She saw active service in Bosnia and led UK naval forces in the 2003 Iraq invasion.

Several bids including ones to to convert Ark Royal into an artificial diving reef and a casino were deemed too risky or 'not feasible or appropriate' and were therefore rejected after the decision was made to retire the Invincible class aircraft carrier following the 2010 defence review.

As part of a £2.9m deal, Ark Royal is being towed to the same scrap yard in Turkey that took its sister ship, Invincible.

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