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Posted on Tuesday 21st May

The iconic Vulcan bomber took to the skies on Saturday afternoon for its first flight of 2013 following a winter overhaul.

The 60-year-old aircraft, which is housed at Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster, is the only remaining flying Vulcan bomber in the world. It is operated by the Vulcan to the Sky Trust and relies on public donations to help keep it the legendary plane airborne.

The Vulcan's first scheduled flight of the season will be on Sunday, 9 June, where it will appear in a short display at Welshpool, and a display at RAF Cosford's 75th Anniversary Airshow.

Warfare has teamed up with RAF Cosford to offer three readers the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the 75th anniversary air show. See Warfare Competitions for more information.

You can also follow Vulcan XH558 on Twitter.

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