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Posted on Monday 3rd June

Former soldier Christian Nock is undertaking an epic fundraising journey all around the coast of mainland Britain - a route measuring 6,824 miles. His completed route will be longer than this as Christian is not using ferries.

Christian, an ex-infantryman, began his challenge - after 7 months training - in Blackpool on 8 August 2012, in an anti-clockwise direction, and hopes to end his journey in Blackpool in around 18 months time.

Christian has personal experience of the difficulties soldiers sometimes face returning to civilian life, such as reintegration into normal family life, which can lead to further problems and sometimes sadly results in ex-servicemen living on the street. His aim therefore is to raise awareness of these homeless soldiers, which he will achieve by sleeping rough as he completes his journey.

Follow Christian's journey on Facebook and Twitter, where he posts updates and daily reflections on his blog.

Support him by making a donation through Christian Around Britain.

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