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Posted on Monday 10th June

Over the next few years the Naval Base at Portsmouth is set to undergo a major revamp and expansion to make room for thousands of tonnes of new warships.

In order to accommodate two new giant carriers and the rest of the future fleet, including Type 45 destroyers and Type 26 frigates.

The updates will include the strengthening of jetties, replacement of cranes and the arrangement of spaces to house the number of warships which will be based at Portsmouth in the coming years.

Commodore Rigby, the base commander, has described the changes as 'a return to the glory days', and told the Portsmouth News:

'The future of Portsmouth Naval Base has never been so promising and has never been so secure.'

An operations review by the shipbuilding firm BAE Systems is currently underway which could see the close of the city's shipyard. However, maintenance of all of the navy's warships will still take place in the base - shipbuilding is a small part of what goes on inside the base.

The first of two new aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is expected to arrive in the city in 2016. The new warships are the largest which have ever been ordered in the history of the Royal Navy.

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