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Posted on Wednesday 17th July

Hastings non-fiction author Ann Kramer has been invited along to a local woman's group, riart Grrrls, to speak and answer questions about writing for a living as part of their female author series of talks, focusing particularly on her book Women Wartime Spies, on Thursday, 1 August.

Ann, who originally started out in her career in publishing as an editorial researcher, checking scripts for BBC quiz programmes before going freelance, is well known for her extensive writing on the role of women during the two world wars, including her recent books Land Girls and their Impact and Women Wartime Spies, and her forthcoming publication on First World War conscientious objectors.

Details of the talk can be found in Warfare Events. Ann has also been featured in an interview with Hastings Online Times, during which she describes her career, her research techniques and how feminism impacts on her writing style.

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Women Wartime Spies

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