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Posted on Wednesday 23rd October

The Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower is to become part of the National Museum of the Royal Navy. The Museum is currently based at the historic Priddy's Hard site in Gosport which formed part of the Royal Navy's ordnance factory and storage facilities in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Explosion! records the development of naval firepower, the history of Priddy's Hard and the working lives of those who worked there. It explores the human experience of those whose lives have been touched by naval operations in peace and war. It also represents the RN's formal armoury collection.

Operated since being acquired by the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust (PNBPT) in 2009, Explosion! has been able to extend its opening hours and has established regular events including the annual Spirit of the 40s and Fireworks displays which have been hugeley successful. Explosion! has also become a much sought after venue for weddings, and with the introduction two years ago of the seasonal Portsmouth Harbour Waterbus, the Museum goes from strength to strength.

Having achieved all the above, PNBPT considered the time was right to pass Explosion! on to the NMRN, which is the most appropriate organisation to continue its development as part of our 'family' of Royal Navy heritage.

Peter Goodship, Consultant Chief Executive of Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust, said:

'I am delighted the Property Trust will remain very much involved in the future of Priddy's Hard, looking after the Explosion! Museum buildings and ensuring the long term preservation of the historic munitions buildings and the nearby Ramparts. We wish the Museum even greater success in the future.'

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