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Posted on Tuesday 29th October

HQS Wellington, moored on the Victoria Embankment, will host the launch of a new book on ships, men and naval warfare in the medieval period by Susan Rose, a significant name in naval history of this period.

The book, England's Medieval Navy investigates how English kings after the Norman Conquest learnt to use the Navy of England, a term which at this time included all vessels whether Royal or private and no matter what their ostensible purpose – to increase and safety and prosperity of the kingdom.

The author shows, in this lucid and enlightening narrative, how the unspoken aim of successive monarchs was to begin to build ‘the wall’ of England, its naval defences, with a success which was to become so apparent in later centuries.

A book launch for England's Medieval Navy (Seaforth Publishing) will be held on board HQS Wellington on the evening of Thursday, 14 November, from 6.15 - 8.15 pm. The author, Susan Rose will be signing copies of the night.

For more information on HQS Wellington, visit the ship's website.

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