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Posted on Monday 4th November

The First World War Centenary Partnership’s Programme presents over 500 new exhibitions, 1,500 events across the country and 700 new digital resources to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War.

500 new exhibitions and galleries will open around the world , 200 of which will launch in 2014, including film screenings, performances and festivals, lectures, tours and hands-on workshops.

Furthermore, seven hundred digital resources about the First World War will be created for the Centenary. Including digitised collections, virtual exhibitions, games, podcasts, films and videos and online courses, plus almost 100 mobile apps relating to the First World War.

For up to date events information, see 1914.org - the official website of the First World War Centenary Partnership, (a network of over 1,800 cultural and educational not-for-profit organisations who are producing a collective programme of Centenary events.)

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