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Posted on Thursday 14th November

On the weekend of 2/3 November, Tom Hicks took part in an event at Storytellers Books, Tuxford, based on his biography - Captured at Arnhem - written by his son, Norman, now available from Pen and Sword Books.

The event was well attended by enthusiasts who were keen to meet Tom, and to hear him speak about his experiences of working on the railways in the 1930s before enlisting as a paratrooper during the Second World War. As the book's title suggests, Tom took part in Operation Market Garden before being captured and taken prisoner.

The book is written from Tom's war diaries, recounted with a keen eye, with insightful commentary from his son, Norman.

Tom met members of the public before giving his talk on the Saturday evening, then returned the following day to sign copies of the book.

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Captured at Arnhem

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Captured at Arnhem

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Tom volunteered for war service in 1939 and was initially placed in the military railway of the Royal Engineers. In search of adventure, he successfully applied to join the… Read more...

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