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Posted on Thursday 12th December

HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is to be featured in Michelin Star chef Heston Blumenthal’s latest Channel 4 show, Great British Food.

The new series, in which Heston reveals the secret history of some iconic British dishes and then transforms them, as only Heston can, started this week. The episode featuring HMS Victory will be shown on Tuesday, 17 December.

The HMS Victory episode sees Heston delve into the history of the Great British Roast Beef Dinner. He travels back to late medieval times and the Victorian era before finding himself in the early 1800s, uncovering just how important beef was to Admiral Nelson and his Navy.

Heston takes inspiration from a key period in Britain’s maritime history. By the Napoleonic Wars, beef had achieved such an important place in our hearts, and was used as a recruiting tool by Nelson’s Navy. Heston discovers that beef preserved in salt was a vital ration for Britain’s seamen before the Battle of Trafalgar.

The team explored the lower poop deck of the ship, where Heston prepared a recipe called Lobscouse, an old naval traditional dish using a variety of ingredients.

Find out more about the tv show via the Channel 4 website. For more information on the history of HMS Victory, see Jonathan Eastland's book by Seaforth Publishing.

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