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Posted on Thursday 13th March

A new television documentary being screened tonight – Thursday, 13 March – at 9pm uncovers the extraordinary untold story of soldiers' photography in the Great War.

British and German soldiers marched off to war with secret 'vest pocket' cameras, determined to record what they thought would be a great adventure, but few were prepared for the horrors they were about to witness and photograph. Their photographs – many of which have not previously been released – provide a deeply moving document of their lives in the trenches and their rapid loss of innocence.

This is the war viewed from a new and surprising perspective – through the eyes of the men who fought in it.

In the absence of any living First World War veterans , the documentary produced by Testimony Films, joins close relatives of the men on emotional journeys of discovery as they go in search of the secrets hidden within their ancestors' photographs.

Author and WW1 expert Richard van Emden (Britain's Last Tommies, Teenage Tommy) has acted as historical consultant for the series. Jon Cooksey, editor of Stand To! and author of a number of military history books is also featured, telling the story of a family photograph album rescued from the bonfire which he later researched and used as a basis for his book, The Barnsley Pals.

See the incredible photos and discover what happened to the men behind the cameras tonight at 9pm on BBC 4.

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