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Posted on Tuesday 18th March

A new book, Honourable Warriors has been making headlines as its author, former army commander Major Richard Streatfeild, speaks out about how the training and equipment provided to British troops in Afghanistan 'wasn't good enough' for the mission they faced.

Streatfeild, who commanded A Company, 4 Battalion, The Rifles, during a seven-month Sangin tour, told the Guardian:

'It's true to say we were the best trained we'd ever been, and we did have the best equipment we'd ever had. But it is also true to say it wasn't good enough in relation to the operation we were going on and the tasks we were being asked to do.'

'Undoubtedly the core equipment has been found to be inadequate. Before I went out there I felt ready. Hindsight suggests we were far from being the finished article.

Streatfeild, used by the MOD as a 'Poster Boy' for the war in Afghanistan, has described his shame at publicly defending the kit provided during training and on operations commanding British troops in Helmand province during interviews with various news outlets including the Telegraph and BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

The criticisms form part of a new book written by Streatfeild, Honourable Warriors: Fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan - A Front-line Account of the British Army's Battle for Helmand which provides a direct insight into the experiences of soldiers who had to face down their fear throughout a prolonged tour of duty on the Afghan battlefield.

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