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Posted on Tuesday 22nd April

The biography of one of Bletchley Park’s lesser-celebrated geniuses, Gordon Welchman, will be launched tomorrow with the handover of personal documents and possessions to the Bletchley Park Trust. They include letters and documents which had been in Welchman’s son Nick’s loft until he was approached by the author, Dr Joel Greenberg, in 2011.

A memo sent to Margaret Thatcher, then Prime Minister, in 1982, warning her of security fears surrounding the forthcoming publication of Gordon Welchman’s own book, The Hut Six Story, will also be on show during the launch at Bletchley Park tomorrow. It bears her annotation asking who was publishing it in the UK. This memo, which was released into The National Archive in 2013, along with personal items donated by Welchman’s family, such as a pewter tankard and Welchman’s OBE, will help Bletchley Park tell the story of a man whose work was crucial to the success of Bletchley Park but whose name is one of many most people have never heard.

Joel said 'Gordon Welchman was one of Bletchley Park’s most important figures during World War Two and his contribution was fundamental to its success.'

Welchman’s daughter, Ros, wrote the foreword in her father’s biography; Gordon Welchman, Bletchley Park’s Architect of Ultra Intelligence, and will attend tomorrow’s launch.

Bletchley Park is the Home of the Codebreakers - where during World War Two top secret codebreaking work was carried out on behalf of the Allies. It is said that the work carried out at Bletchley Park helped shorten the war by as much as two years. Visitor information can be found on the Bletchley Park website.

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