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Posted on Thursday 15th May

This Spring Bank Holiday weekend, experience Napoleonic life with the largest Napoleonic re-enactment in the UK for many years: Battle of the Nations.

Battle of the Nations is open to the public on the weekend of 24 - 25 May 2014 at Hunton Court near Maidstone in Kent. Visitors can take in the sights and sounds of a Napoleonic living history camp by watching the re-enactors going about the day-to-day tasks. Visitors can speak to the soldiers and watch them practice drills and skills.

This year's event will be filmed as part of a series about re-enacting. Battle of the Nations is a non profit event raising funds for charity. More details via battleofthenations.webs.com and Facebook.

Battlefield History TV will be exhibiting and filming at the event.

Taking it Further

Cavalry Charge

Only £15.99

Cavalry Charge

by Tim Saunders

La Haie Sainte & Plancenoit: The French and Prussian Attacks is the penultimate part in the explosive four part series, The Waterloo Collection, which covers the entire Waterloo Campaign from Napoleon's return to France and ensuing battles to his final pursuit and eventual surrender to the British.

Following on from Hougoumont and D'Erlon's Attack, Part III starts just as the great battle reaches its crisis point. Marshal Ney launched thousands of France's… Read more...

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