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Posted on Tuesday 27th May

Portsmouth Festivities in partnership with National Museum of the Royal Navy, with support from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, The Portsmouth Grammar School and Arts Council England, are working with award winning film-makers and artists to create a new film on a grand scale. FACES will explore what was really happening in Portsmouth during the lead-up to the start of World War One, bringing the past to life against the night sky and a spectacular backdrop of HMS Victory.

A purpose built giant screen and precision technology will give the film an almost 3D or holographic quality so it will appear as though giant talking heads are hovering in the darkness in the heart of historic Portsmouth. Video-performance artists Wilson- Eflerová, have filmed more than 60 men, women and children from Portsmouth communities for the ambitious new film. Using diaries, letters and testimony from 100 years ago.

Local resident and naval serviceman, Graham Brown, took part in filming for the project: 'It was a surprisingly intense and unique experience,' he says 'No doubt the finished film is going to be awesome as a historical piece and educational performance.'

Inevitably the project has also revealed a darker side to the city’s past. Kye Wilson, artist and producer who studied at the University of Portsmouth, explains: 'I now know the impact this war had on Portsmouth and how events one hundred years ago have shaped modern civilization. I was particularly disturbed by how some sections of society were treated, as city resources were threatened and suspicion of people from outside of the city took hold.'

FACES is the flagship event of this summer’s Portsmouth Festivities, the city’s annual arts extravaganza. It will premiere at a monumental outdoor screening in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Tickets are free and available now from portsmouthfestivities.co.uk or by calling 023 9282 8282.

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