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Posted on Thursday 21st August

Captain Bruce Bairnsfather's biographers Tonie and Valmai Holt have created an online petition as part of their campaign to gain recognition for the Bairnsfather's work and the effect of his cartoons upon morale during the First World War.

The Holts propose that a leading member of the Government should make a statement in the House that Bairnsfather's contribution should be retrospectively recognised and that that statement should be made in October 2015, shortly before the 100th Anniversary of the publication of Bairnsfather's most famous cartoon - 'The Better 'Ole'.

For more information or to sign the petition, visit iPetitions.com.

More examples of Bairnsfather's work can be seen in this article by Major and Mrs Holt, Bairnsfather, Billets and Bullets.

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In Search Of The Better 'Ole

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In Search Of The Better 'Ole

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by Major and Mrs Holt

Bruce Bairnsfather created one of the best-known cartoon characters of the First World War - 'Old Bill' and he drew what many consider to be the most enduring cartoon of all time - the 'Better Ole'.

Reprinted due to popular demand this biography was the first to be published about the man and his work.

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