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Posted on Wednesday 1st October

Bestselling novelist Bernard Cornwell has written his first non-fiction book, Waterloo – A History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles ahead of the bicentenary anniversary of the battle in June 2015.

Hearing of the project, fellow Waterloo author David Buttery, contacted Cornwell about his own Waterloo Battlefield Guide. Cornwell went on to include a personal endorsement of Buttery's guide in the acknowledgments for his book:

'The best guide, by far, is David Buttery’s Waterloo Battlefield Guide, which not only leads the visitor around the locations of the campaign, but tells the story of those four momentous days. The book is an essential companion for anyone visiting the battlefields of the campaign.'

Waterloo Battlefield Guide is available in hardback, paperback and eBook formats from publisher Pen and Sword Books.

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Waterloo Battlefield Guide

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'The best guide, by far, is David Buttery's Waterloo Battlefield Guide, an essential companion for anyone visiting the battlefield.' - Bernard Cornwell

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