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Posted on Monday 12th January

Duncan Marlor's brilliant analysis of Britain's decision to go to war in 1914, Fatal Fortnight (published by Frontline Books, 2014), has been shortlisted for the 2015 Paddy Power Political Book Awards in the World War One Book of the Year category.

During the last two weeks of July 1914, that fatal fortnight, the British Cabinet, which had been firmly opposed to becoming involved in the developing conflict in Europe, changed direction completely and declared war on Germany.
Duncan Marlor's absorbing new book investigates Britain's decision to involve itself in such a cataclysmic and, ultimately, catastrophic war, tracking the efforts of Arthur Ponsonby, the Chairman of the Liberal Foreign Affairs Committee, who led the backbench battle to try and keep Britain out of the conflict.

Fatal Fortnight provides us with a unique ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the intrigues and machinations in Westminster and how the politicians were persuaded that war was in Britain’s best interests.

This brilliantly analytical book, derived from original prime sources, has been nominated for the 2015 Paddy Power Political Book of the Year award being held in London on Wednesday, 28 January. Available here with £5 off the RRP for a limited time.

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