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Posted on Wednesday 10th February

Battlefield archaeologist and Pen & Sword author, Andrew Robertshaw, will be at the Army & Navy Club in London on February 25th to speak about the results of 30 archaeological projects in France and Belgium over the past 15 years.

Robertshaw has frequented museums since he was little. At the age of 5 he was able to climb down into a ditch at the Yorkshire Museum for his first attempt at some archaeology. Finding a woman in a hole, he was invited to 'have a go', and 'found' a collection of Roman beads.

Since then he has been hooked and has continued working as a battlefield archaeologist, broadcaster and author. It has not been without is risks or difficulties, from finding unstable munitions and gas cylinders but has been incredibly rewarding. Robertshaw's projects have led him to find and identify five 'missing' bodies and give them the burial they deserved.

His book, like the name of his talk, Digging the Trenches is available from Pen & Sword Books.

Tickets for the talk can be found by visiting, www.nam.ac.uk.

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Digging the Trenches

Only £25.00

Digging the Trenches

(Hardback - 207 pages)
by Andrew Robertshaw

'The book is an excellent introduction to the subject, covering how archaeology is carried out, what it can tell us about the conditions in the front, and ending with poignant tales of four men whose remains were uncovered in the course of archaeological digs….Digging the Trenches is essential reading and unlikely to be displaced as the best single accessible book on the archaeology of the Western Front for years to come.' Gary Sheffield, Military IllustratedRead more...

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