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Posted on Friday 4th March

Covering the ground that World War I poets fought, and in some cases died, The Western Front Association announces their Spring Tour – Poets on the Somme 7-10 July 2016.

In gaining an understanding of the nature of the conflict, the tour aims to further explore the verses, and prose, written by some of the Great War's poets.

Vivien Whelpton, a battlefield visitor, said: “The literary enthusiast will become aware of the social and strategic contexts and the circumstances out of which the literature of war arose, while the historians find value in the contribution to a fuller understanding of the events and participants.”

The four day tour starts by looking at the writings of Rex Freston, Arthur Graeme West and Roland Leighton and moves on to explore the experiences of the likes of Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves, Victor Ratcliffe, Leslie Coulson and more. The final day saves Wilfred Owen to last, as visitors will explore 'Exposure' on the Redan Ridge, where he and his platoon spent the coldest of January nights.

Want to book? Visit WFA.

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