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Posted on Wednesday 11th January

Clare Hollingworth dies aged 105

Clare Hollingworth, the veteran British war correspondent who broke the news of the invasion that triggered World War Two, has died in Hong Kong at the age of 105. It was she who spotted German forces along the Polish border whilst travelling in 1939 from Poland to Germany.

Working as a rookie reporter for the Daily Telegraph, the original newspaper headline read “1,000 tanks massed on Polish border. Ten divisions reported ready for swift strike”.

Before becoming a reporter, Clare helped rescue thousands of people from Hitler's forces by arranging British visas.

In later life, after escaping death herself from en explosion she was just 300 yards away from, she became a regular at the Foreign Correspondents' Club in Hong Kong where she recently celebrated her 105th birthday last October. This incredible lady received the James Cameron Award for Journalism in 1994 and a much deserved lifetime achievement award at the “What the Papers Say” awards in 1999.

Clare will be remembered by many, “She was an inspiration to all, but was especially inspiring to the growing cadre of women correspondents. In her long, distinguished career she paved the way for us. She proved that being female was no obstacle. Clare was larger than life. But what I will always remember is her zest for life.”

A statement on the “Celebrate Clare Hollingworth Facebook page” yesterday read: “We are sad to announce that after an illustrious career spanning a century of news... Clare Hollingworth died this evening."

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