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Posted on Thursday 16th February

Rare & Unseen Vehicle Art of The Second World War

Vehicle Art of World War Two by John Norris is the brand new release from Pen & Sword Books, complete with Tanks, Jeeps, Aircraft & more with art of every kind. Pin Up Girls, Cartoons, Slogans & Motto's. This book is definitely worth the read and to prove it, Pen & Sword have put together a trailer of images from the book to give you a small insight over on their YouTube channel.

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Vehicle Art of World War Two

Only £19.99

Vehicle Art of World War Two

(Hardback - 179 pages)
by John Norris

The ‘nose art’ that decorated WW2 aircraft has received considerable attention but the images and slogans that decorated land vehicles has been less widely appreciated. This visually stunning book displays many fine examples (original or faithfully recreated) of the art that adorned the military vehicles of both Allied and Axis forces. Both official unit markings, such as divisional badges and unit emblems, as well as decidedly less official renderings of pin-up girls and cartoon characters… Read more...

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