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Posted on Tuesday 30th May


The Royal Navy’s latest billion pound nuclear submarine finally edges out of its dry dock as it prepares to take to the water for the first time.

This brand new sub can hit targets a staggering 745 miles away with pin-point accuracy using the Tomahawk missile it carries. Pretty impressive right?

It is the first of two submarines built in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria and will be followed by a 1.4 billion pound sister sub. HMS AUDACIOUS is the fourth state of the art Astute submarine, built to serve with it's fellow attacking machines in the Royal Navy as the next generation of subs. Up until recently, the sub sat at one of Devonshire's largest dock's where hangers are still currently under development.

The submarines in this brand new series all have the ability to create their own oxygen and convert sea water into fresh drinking water for those on board. Built by BAE it has been labelled one of the ‘world’s most complex engineering challenges' and excitingly, it's now finally ready to take to the sea.

The following Submarine description was featured on The Sun:

The 318 ft long attack sub can circumnavigate the entire globe without surfacing. And unlike traditional submarines it is not fitted with periscopes. Images are instead delivered to the Control Room via fibre-optic cables.

The 7,400-tonne BAE Systems-built vessel is the fourth of seven Astute class submarines and is also armed with Spearfish torpedoes.

A spokesperson for manufacturers BAE Systems explained: “First she will go in the water for the first time, then she will take her first dive. The Royal Navy will take her on some trials and will decide where she will be moved to or stationed next.”

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