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Posted on Wednesday 26th July

Cambrai tank veteran 'Deborah' prepares for her Centenary move

The famous British D51 Tank (better known as Deborah) will shortly be moving to her new home at the Cambrai Tank Museum 1971 in time for the Centenary in November 2017.

Months of preparation have gone into planning this very technical move in order to keep this fragile veteran in the best condition possible. She will be moved from a barn in the Village of Flesquières to a purpose-built home as the new First World War centrepiece for all to see.

Deborah's exhibit will open 26 November 2017.

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Deborah and the War of the Tanks 1917

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Deborah is a British First World War tank that rose from the grave after taking part in one of the most momentous battles in history. In November 1917 she played a leading role in the first successful massed tank attack at Cambrai.… Read more...

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