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Posted on Wednesday 2nd November

Warfare would like to wish the best of luck to Poppy Appeal collectors in London tomorrow.

Thursday, 3rd November will be the third London Poppy Day, when Royal British Legion volunteer collectors will target 60 tube stations across London during the morning and evening rush hours and at lunch time.

The aim is to raise £500,000 in one day for the RBL Poppy Appeal through donations from the millions of commuters and passers-by.

Sailors from the Offshore Patrol Vessel HMS Mersey, which docked in Canary Wharf yesterday, will disembark to join the other collectors and help the effort to raise £500k.

Other events will take place throughout the day in support of the appeal including performances from six bands in central London locations including the Central Band of the RAF in Covent Garden.

Specially knitted Poppies will be available for London Poppy Day only, at all stations, for donations of over £20.

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