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Posted on Friday 4th November

The National Archives has today published online one of the largest collections of women's records to date: more than 15,000 First World War nursing service records.

Dating from 1902-1922, the records contain an unusually high level of detail and volume of information which is rarely seen in service records. View and download the records here.

The files chart the nurses’ full service history including their date and place of birth, training prior and during the war, references relating to their suitability as military nurses, the hospitals, field ambulances, casualty clearing stations and other medical units they served in, and even confidential reports containing their superiors’ assessment of their performance.

These records provide a glimpse into the life stories of these dedicated women who followed in the footsteps of Florence Nightingale, showing how they committed their lives to their profession, some serving more than 35 years, during multiple wars and battles, often at the cost of their health and even in some cases, their lives.

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