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Posted on Tuesday 8th November

The Olympic torch is to visit the Second World War codebreaking centre Bletchley Park next year during its 70-day relay around the the British Isles before the London Games.

The relay will start from Land's End, Cornwall on 19 May and is due to arrive at Bletchley Park on 9 July, before completing its journey at the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony on 27 July.

A programme of events has been drawn up by the Bletchley Park directors which will be revealed closer to the time. Simon Greenish, a director at Bletchley Park, told BBC News :

'The Olympic Torch will arrive on 9 July and it an absolutely fabulous event because Bletchley Park is so important to the nation. Important work went on here in World War ll and people are beginning to realise that it was the beginning of the communications age.'

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