300 (Film) Review


Released: 9th March 2007
Director: Zack Snyder
Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Dominic West, David Wenham, Vincent Regan
Rating: R
Running Time: 116

A simple-minded but visually exciting experience, full of blood, violence, and ready-made movie quotes.

Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times) said:
"300 has one-dimensional caricatures who talk like professional wrestlers plugging their next feud."
Wendy Ide (Times [UK]) said:
"In this handsome pantomime, the performances are not what we are watching."
David Denby (New Yorker) said:
"A muscle-magazine fantasy crossed with a video game and an Army recruiting film."
Peter Bradshaw (Guardian [UK]) said:
"Apart from anything else, the idea of America having the Spartans' underdog status is not plausible."
Will Lawrence (Empire Magazine) said:
"Visually stunning, thoroughly belligerent and as shallow as a pygmy's paddling pool, this is a whole heap of style tinged with just a smidgen of substance."
Trevor Johnston (Time Out) said:
"It might have been one of the great all-time mad, bad movies but for one thing - it's just sooo boring."
Paul Arendt (BBC) said:
"Taken on it's own terms - as Greek myth meets Looney Tunes - it's kind of a masterpiece."
Tom Charity (CNN.com) said:
"The kids just want to have fun. Many of them will. But what does that say about another Greek contribution -- Western civilization?"
Richard Roeper (Chicago Sun-Times) said:
"It is excessively, cheerfully violent -- and it is gorgeous to behold. It looks like the world's most sophisticated and expensive video game, and I mean that in a good way."


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