A Dangerous Inheritance (Book) Review

A Dangerous Inheritance

Released: 5th July 2012
RRP: 17.99
Publisher: Hutchinson
Author: Alison Weir
Type: Hardback
ISBN: 9780091926236
Pages: 528

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Alison Weir mixes fact and fiction in this novel to tell the compelling tale of two women, Katherine, sister of Lady Jane Grey, in 1562 and Kate Plantagenet, daughter of Richard III, in 1483, who are both linked together by love and their intrigue to uncover one of the biggest historical mysteries.

Upon birth, Kate is taken into the care of her father, Richard III, and her stepmother. Richard III became a powerful man due to the death of his brother, the King. Edward’s two sons, the princes of the tower, also die mysteriously and Richard III claims the crown. Richard III has a reputation to uphold, but his daughter Kate, is left suspicious after hearing rumours of murders. Kate does not want to admit that her father has committed any murders but evidence soon unreels to suggest otherwise.

The year is 1562, Katherine is the younger sister of an infamous woman whose death pushes her into the limelight. Katherine’s older sister, Lady Jane Grey was executed and Lady Katherine Grey is accused of treason and awaits to see if she will suffer the same fate as her sister. Katherine has fallen in love with a man but until the political issue is resolved, they cannot marry. Miserable and lonely, Katherine continues to meet this man in secret and it is in her new home where Katherine discovers a portrait of Kate. Katherine feels some sort of connection between the unknown woman who she discovers to be Kate Plantagenet. When Katherine discovers some hidden letters written by Kate, the fate of the two princes is left for Katharine to discover what happened in the tower in 1483.

A Dangerous Inheritance is a gripping and fascinating read which shows that being too close to the throne can be more of a curse that a blessing.

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