Arms of Little Value (Book) Review

by Ian Hodkinson
Arms of Little Value

Released: 19th April 2012
RRP: 20.00
Publisher: Casemate UK
Author: G L Lamborn
Type: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-61200-104
Pages: 288

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We live in an uncertain world. Each day we wake to learn of atrocities around the globe, national uprisings against governments and the deaths of our brave armed forces in far-flung “wars”. G L Lamborn’s “Arms of Little Value” lays bare the realities of such issues.
His US Army background and his 26 years spent with the Central Intelligence Agency gives him a remarkable insight into the machinations of government and in this fascinating and forthright book he lays bare the failings of past and present US Governments to actively tackle insurgencies around the world.

Whilst the book is not all doom and gloom – indeed there are numerous examples of successful “counter insurgencies” – he paints a not so happy picture on the reasons why governments, in particularly the US Government, are sucked into violent and volatile areas around the globe without understanding the road that has led to so called intervention. His coverage of such reasons – corrupt governments, the hunger of the people, lack of literacy and income – helps the reader to understand why nations rebel.

Overall, this is an excellent book which I highly recommended to all readers who wish to understand what an insurgency is, its causes and how the west can better deal with insurgencies in the future. Whilst critical in the extreme, it aptly focuses the readers mind on the issues we face around the world and what causes these issues. The reader will come away from this book with a better understanding of the world we live in.

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