Battlefield 3 (Game) Review

Battlefield 3

Released: 25th October 2011
RRP: £39.99
Publisher: EA Games
Available on: Playstation 3, XBOX 360, PC
Rating: PEGI 16

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Battlefield 3 is one of the year's most anticipated releases and will spark countless internet pages of banter between its hardcore following and that of the more mainstream, Modern Warfare 3.

Battlefield games have always been about the multiplayer and this is no different. Fans of the series will feel immediately at home here as the experience has been refined and tweaked to provide an extremely satisfying experience to players that are prepared to invest the time. Dedication will be needed to master controls of the various vehicles included as the controls in this latest version are trickier than ever. Initially, expect to crash plenty and shoot just about everything apart from the target but a bit of practice will soon see to this.

Once you are comfortable with the controls and have learnt a few maps, there are really no words for just how satisfying a multiplayer game of Battlefield can be. It is this balanced and addictive experience that will keep players coming back for more and more.

The single player game has never been Battlefield's strongpoint and whilst this version is better, it still has some way to go. The single player game feels very much like the developers have tried to replicate Call of Duty and it shows. It is still extremely polished and a fine game in its own right, but the feeling of familiarity is always there.

Battlefield is a fine looking game and outstanding on a souped up PC. The sound as always is top notch and the different weapons and vehicles are all finely tuned and feel authentic.

Battlefield 3 is a fantastic game and will be one of the year's top sellers. Whether it tops Modern Warfare 3 is up for debate and will be argued about until the next release in the series, but forget that and enjoy the game for what it is, arguably the best multiplayer experience around today.

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