Borderlands 2 (Game) Review

Borderlands 2

Released: 9th October 2012
RRP: £49.99
Publisher: 2K Games
Available on: Playstation 3, XBOX 360, PC
Rating: 18

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Borderlands 2 will be instantly familiar to anyone who played the first game in the series. Only this time the game is bigger and better in every possible way.

For anyone who hasn't played the first game, Borderlands is a mixture between a first person shooter and a role playing game. However, the emphasis here is on exploring the huge virtual world and leveling up your weapons and character. In fact, modernising your guns is probably the most fun part of the game and its what you'll find you lose hours doing.

Visually Borderlands 2 is absolutely stunning. The game has a stylised, cartoony look and its a real treat for the eyes. The rich colours bring to life the incredible locations, characters and weapons. It really will have you gasping for breath as you explore the huge environments.

You're given a choice of four characters to play though the game, each dictating a different style of play and approach to the game. No matter what your preferred playing style, you'll find a character to suit here. Want to go in all guns blazing? No problem. Prefer a more cautious, stealthy approach? That's fine too.

The game also supports co-op play and Borderlands 2 is even better with a few friends.

It really is impossible to estimate just how much replay value there is in Borderlands 2. The single player campaign can take around 50 hours to complete once side missions are factored in, but with the online play and need to play through it again, it could easily keep you occupied for 100 plus hours.

Borderlands 2 is absolutely fantastic! The game excels in every way and is easily one of the finest games of this generation. I cannot emphasise just how much I enjoyed Borderlands 2 and just how much you need to play it.

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