Brothers in Arms (Book) Review

by Pen & Sword Books
Brothers in Arms

Released: 15th September 2015
RRP: £15.99
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Author: John Leete and Brian Berringer
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9781445648255
Pages: 128

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This is the story of the volunteer Canadian firefighters, who came over to England to contribute to the war effort.

After Britain's cry for help after the onslaught of enemy air raids, over four hundred volunteers came to the war ravaged cities of Great Britain, this included Bristol, Plymouth and London. It wasn't however until 1942 that help arrived. The Corps of Canadian Firefighters arrived in Liverpool having braved U-boat infested Atlantic Ocean, ready play their part in winning the war on the home front.
Their relatively unknown contribution was nonetheless significant, with many men sustaining injuries and even three who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This unique story is told for the first time in great detail; the clear and beautiful illustrations bring the story to life, and give an insight into the bravery and selflessness of the men who became the cornerstones of Britain's firefighting services.

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