Damage Inc: Pacific Squadron WWII (Game) Review

Damage Inc: Pacific Squadron WWII

Released: 9th October 2012
RRP: £79.99
Publisher: Mad Catz
Available on: Playstation 3, XBOX 360
Rating: PEGI 12

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Damage Inc: Pacific Squadron WWII has possibly the longest title of any game we've reviewed to date, but is somewhat of a rarity on consoles these days; a detailed and authentic aviation simulation.

As one of the few aviation games available on xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Damage Inc has been eagerly anticipated. Pleasingly, the game doesn't disappoint.

The first thing to grab your attention will be just how good the game looks. The game's 30 aircraft are stunningly detailed, both in and out of the cockpit and the liveries and badging are extremely accurate. Damage Inc's pacific setting has enabled the game's developers to model some stunning scenery, from the breathtaking Pearl Harbor level to the beautiful Iwo Jima islands. It's clear to see how much effort has been put into the game's development.

Damage Inc's audio is also worthy of note, with the aircraft all sounding just how they should and the game's score fitting in perfectly with the action taking place on screen.

The gameplay consists of 20 missions that can be tacked in either single or multi-player. These include tense air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-ship combat whilst you pilot dive bombers, fighters and torpedo bombers amongst others. The campaigns are nothing short of exciting, leaving you gasping for breath once the tense missions have been completed successfully.

There are also a number of online modes ensuring that once the single player campaign has been completed, there is still plenty to keep you interested. As you'd expect these consist of dogfight, survivor and support games which are all well executed and offer significant replay value.

Packaged with our review copy is the newly released AV8R joystick from Mad Catz. This is a simply stunning piece of kit and adds significantly to the enjoyment of the game. The joystick itself has been modeled on a genuine WWII fighter plane's controls so looks the part, but more importantly feels fantastic. If you are interested in purchasing Damage Inc, then I'd strongly recommend you pick up the collector's edition which contains both game and joystick. It's well worth the asking price.

Damage Inc: Pacific Squadron WWII is an extremely enjoyable game and highly recommended to any console owners looking for a fast paced, thrilling aviation game.

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