Darksiders II (Game) Review

Darksiders II

Released: 6th September 2012
RRP: £49.99
Publisher: THQ
Available on: Playstation 3, XBOX 360, PC
Rating: 15

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The original Darksiders was a fun, hack-n-slash game that did everything well but nothing outstanding. This sequel is massively improved in every way.

The story runs concurrently to the first game but apart from that, this sequel takes the series in a different direction. The game follows one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Death, as he sets about attempting to redeem his brother War who has been blamed for starting the afore mentioned Apocalypse.

The game is open world and absolutely huge! In addition to the entertaining and extensive story campaign, there are numerous side quests and extra missions to ensure this game will be sitting in your console or PC for a long time.

Upgrading your character quickly becomes as addictive as exploring the many dungeons ensuring that you are always at the right level to tackle the next wave of enemies heading your way. The pacing is excellent and it is very easy to lose track of all time playing Darksiders II - its clear to see why the series is already establishing a loyal fan base.

Graphically, the game's stylised visuals are attractive without ever really being breathtaking. Suffice to say it does enough to not look out of place on the 360 or PS3 and the sheer amount of locations on offer more than make up for the odd dodgy texture here and there.

The audio is superb, both the epic music - similar in some ways to Skyrim - and the superb voice acting. This in particular helps to endear the player to the main character, Death, and whilst some of the non-playable characters might be forgettable, Death certainly is not that. He quickly becomes quite endearing and ensures that you'll keep playing just to see out the story.

Overall Darksiders II is a very strong title and highly recommended for any adventure game fan.

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