Dead Space 3 (Game) Review

Dead Space 3

Released: 5th June 2013
RRP: £39.99
Publisher: EA
Available on: Playstation 3, XBOX 360
Rating: PEGI 18

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The first two titles in the Dead Space series are some of the scariest and most thrilling games I have ever played. The atmosphere, setting, sound effects and sense of being alone combined to create a truly epic experience and one that was intimidating to play alone or with the lights off.

Dead Space 3 feels very different as whilst there are still the horrific enemies and exceptionally tense settings and set pieces, the game isn't nearly as frightening. That said, it would be wrong to write the third title in the series off as it is an exceptionally good game!

The space setting this time is shared with trips through a graphically stunning ice planet. This allows the gameplay to always feel varied, which is quite a feat considering the length of the game. There is very little revisiting paths and returning to locations which all adds to the expansive feel of the game.

Dead Space 3 does feel more like an action game as there will be very few occasions where ammo and supplies are sparse. Whilst this may alienate some survival horror fans, it does make the game slightly easier to play through and will definitely appeal to fans of the action genre. That's not to say the game is easy as some of the tougher enemies and particularly the bosses take some beating.

One of the game's strongest points is the cooperative mode and its a lot of fun to charge through the game world with a friend. Its clear to see that much of the game was designed with this in mind and as far as coop modes go, I think Dead Space 3 is one of the best examples available.

All in all, Dead Space 3 is a stunning title. It looks and sounds amazing, the gameplay is extremely polished and is a must for all action game fans.

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