Dishonored (Game) Review


Released: 19th November 2012
RRP: £39.99
Publisher: Bethesda
Available on: Playstation 3, XBOX 360
Rating: 18

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Dishonored seemed to come from nowhere. Not one of the year's most hyped games, but its easily one of the best releases of 2012!

Its difficult to place Dishonored into any particular genre as the game offers a variety of ways to tackle the missions. Want to be a silent assassin? No problem, you can even finish the game without killing anyone. Prefer to go in all guns blazing? That's fine too, but beware of the consequences.

Not only will you face more guards, but the number of rats the city is overrun by will increase further still, so that's yet another obstacle you'll have to face as they feed on the bodies you'll leave behind before moving on to you. It is this kind of detail and consequence that makes Dishonored such a special game.

It is rare to come across a game with a story line that immediately grabs the attention and is as good, if not better, than most films. In the game you play as Corvo, the protector and favourite of the Empress and her daughter Emily. In the opening scene, the Empress is slain and Emily kidnapped all made much worse as you're framed for their murders. Its then up to you to battle against the corrupt forces who take over the running of the city and find out just what is going on.

The game's missions are all varied and can be tackled in a number of different ways. The real highlight are the assassination missions and these are some of the best you'll ever play!

Visually, Dishonored is very attractive. Some of the textures may be a bit flat in places, but the game's unique art and style design is easily some of the best you'll have come across. The audio is simply stunning, from the moody and atmospheric soundtrack to the excellent script and voice acting.

It is very rare to come across a game as good as this and is close to the level of Bioshock - very high praise indeed!

Dishonored deserves to do well as it is a simply stunning title that feels new and different. The game is lengthy and offers significant replay value due to the different methods of gameplay available.

Easily one of the games of the year and very highly recommended.

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