Game of Thrones (Game) Review

Game of Thrones

Released: 6th July 2012
RRP: £44.99
Publisher: Deep Silver
Available on: Playstation 3, XBOX 360, PC
Rating: 15

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Game of Thrones is the video game adaption of the hit HBO television series and G.R.R. Martin's best selling series of books.

Due to the extremely high standard of the TV adaptation, tis game has a lot to live up to and expectations are understandably high. Couple that with the quality titles already available in this genre such as Skyrim and The Witcher and Game of Thrones has everything to prove. So how does it do?

The game is visually solid, if not spectacular, but does enough to draw the player into the action. The game's soundtrack and voice acting are again competent but not groundbreaking, but special mention has to made of the script. This is simply fantastic and the story is easily amongst the best I have come across. It is clear to see that much inspiration has been drawn from the original novels and the need to change the game world will keep players busy for hours on end.

In some reviews the game has been criticised for poor combat, but I feel this is a bit harsh. Granted, there is nothing really new here but the action is solid and there are enough options available to keep the player interested in leveling up their character to right the wrongs of the game world.

Whilst Game of Thrones doesn't really match up to the staggeringly high standard of both Skyrim and The Witcher, it is still definitely worth playing. There are areas for improvement such as the controls, textures and a few other little niggles but to focus on this would be missing the point.

Game of Thrones will appeal to fans of the book and TV series and is worth playing just for the excellent story and script alone.

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