Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Game) Review

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Released: 25th May 2012
RRP: £49.99
Publisher: Ubisoft
Available on: Playstation 3, XBOX 360, PC
Rating: PEGI 18

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Any serious video games player will have no doubt come across Ubisoft's challenging but extremely satisfying Ghost Recon series. The third, long awaited, title finally makes its debut this month and after receiving an early review copy I can assure fans of the series that it does not disappoint!

I was initially a little concerned about the futuristic setting of this title as the games have always prided themselves on their realism, which easily elevates the titles above other competitor games. I needn't have worried as this title is just as gritty and realistic as its predecessors. In fact, the weapons and equipment used in the game are based on actual future weaponry still in the design and testing stage. It is absolutely fascinating to see all this gear early and really provides an insight into the future of warfare.

There are single and multiplayer modes which are both well worth a look at. In the single player game the gamer is tasked with joining an elite team of special ops soldiers. The story itself is familiar video game fare involving stolen weapons that could lead to world devastation, but extremely well told and gripping. Once hooked, there is no doubt you'll want to finish the game to find out just who was behind the plot and to get revenge for your fallen comrades.

Graphically, the game is excellent. The Ghost Recon games have always been extremely good looking, but Future Soldier takes the visuals to a whole new level. The environments, soliders and weapons are very well crafted and its clear to see just how much effort has been put into the visuals. Particularly impressive are the animations of your team of soldiers and you'll never get tired of seeing how they react with the environments and each other.

Audio is also first rate, with clear differences in the sound of the many guns (over 50) and just the right balance of environment noise and moody soundtrack.

Ghost Recon games are well known for their multiplayer elements and again, these are first rate in Future Soldier. There are three class types of soldier; Engineer, Rifleman and Scout; each providing a slightly different playing experience but your favourite will depend on how you approach the game. There are 10 maps to fight across and each is vast in scope, ensuring that there is just the right balance between using tactics and not feeling too lonely as you hunt for other players. I only had limited time with the multiplayer, but its hard to see fans of the series being anything other than captivated for months to come.

I played the game on Xbox 360, but there is no difference to the PS3 and PC games with the exception of the visuals being even sharper on a top end PC. The game is aimed at adults and is understandably gritty, but this adds to the feeling of realism and is not gratuitous.

All in all, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a fine addition to the series and one that excels in every area. It will appeal to anyone with even the smallest interest in team shooters, but has the unique selling point of providing an insight into the future of warfare.

Very highly recommended!

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