Harry Flashman and the Invasion of Iraq (Book) Review

Harry Flashman and the Invasion of Iraq

Released: 18th November 2011
RRP: £12.99
Publisher: A H Stockwell Ltd
Author: H C Tayler
Type: Hardback
ISBN: 9780722340400
Pages: 240

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This easy-to-read book grips you from the start. We are shown a side of the conflict that is understandably played down in the official histories. It provides an insight into the second Iraq war, including real life experiences with a humorous twist making it entertaining and worth reading. Based on the experiences of the author, Harry Flashman, and the invasion of Iraq in a historically accurate account of events in the Gulf during spring 2003: 'I had been blown flat on my back, partly buried in debris, and the deafening roar of the battle was all around'.

Flashman’s journey begins with a posting to Plymouth, home of the Royal Marines, in time to join the impending Gulf deployment. Despite his protestation he is shipped to Kuwait to begin a relatively secure job with Brigade headquarters. But his plans for a cosy war spent safely behind a desk are rudely interrupted by an enforced move to the frontline unit.

A fantastic and entertaining read worth every penny. All profits made from the sales of this book will be donated for ‘Help For Heroes’ which everyone will agree is an added bonus.

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