Kimberly's Flight (Book) Review

Kimberly's Flight

Released: 31st May 2012
RRP: 18.99
Publisher: Casemate UK
Author: Anna Simon With Ann Hampton
Type: Hardback
ISBN: 9781612001029
Pages: 304

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Kimberley’s Flight is a touching an inspiring story about a young girl who achieves her dreams but unfortunately loses her life whilst protecting the country she loves. Kimberley is the first American woman combat pilot to be killed in battle whilst flying above Fallujah in Iraq. The story is written by Anna Simon and Kimberley’s mother, Ann Hampton. I found the story a unique read and because the story is written by Kimberly’s mother, it makes it different from other military stories.

The story is told through nearly fifty interviews, letters and emails. The letters, photographs and emails throughout the book from Kimberly’s friends shows that she was admired and respected by many people. The emails in the book between Kimberly and her mother help you get to know Kimberly which makes the story feel more personal and moving. Kimberly was a very inspiring person with a determined ambition.

When you start to read this book you very quickly, pick up on just how important Kimberley Hampton was within the aviation industry. In a male dominated environment, she rose through the ranks to become Captain. You see the early signs of spirit and passion in her younger days pre military when she would beat everyone out of sight at tennis. It also becomes apparent from the moment she applied for the military that she wouldn't be deterred and nothing would stop her. There are many people who talk about their dream jobs and what they would like to do. However, not many people succeed and get into their dream jobs. Sometimes it's just not plausible, other times the sheer effort and determination to get into their dream position means most won't go to those lengths to get there. For Kimberley Hampton, nothing was going to stop her from living her dream. Overall, a moving and educational read that will appeal to a large audience.

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