Nelson's Refuge (Book) Review

Nelson's Refuge

Released: 30th September 2011
RRP: £18.99
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
Author: Jason R. Musteen
Type: Hardback
ISBN: 9781591145455
Pages: 288

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Nelson’s Refuge takes readers through the history of one of Britain’s most well known citadels, Gibraltar. This excellent study examines what no other work to date has, the role of the fortress during the Napoleonic Wars 1793 to 1815.

Using an outstanding selection of archival, primary and secondary sources from Spain, Britain and France, Musteens writing style is accessible to the general reader as well as the academic. His depiction of Gibraltar's personalities and politics only enhance the military history and makes for a unique and fascinating read.

Lieutenant Colonel Jason R. Musteen teaches military history at the U.S Military Academy, he holds a PhD in Napoleonic history and this unique book clearly shows his captivating knowledge on the subject.

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