No Worse Enemy (Book) Review

No Worse Enemy

Released: 1st March 2012
RRP: £16.99
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Author: Ben Anderson
Type: Hardback
ISBN: 9781851688524
Pages: 266

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Ben Anderson has provided a gripping read that exposes to us the daily struggle from the frontline. It is a first hand account that reveals the lives of soldiers with the dangers and tragedies behind the headlines. It is the hard-hearted truth from a brave and honest reporter making it a unique read for anyone who wants to know what life on the frontline in Afghanistan is really like. The author describes the reality of what it is like to be in the dangers of the Afghan war: 'The feeling of fragility you get from so many bullets passing so close is almost impossible to describe, I thought there was nothing I could do except lie down and wait for the bullets to enter my body'.

No Worse Enemy details how the war descended into quagmire with ever-increasing levels of violence and confusion. Interviews are included from the leaders in military, this book goes to the heart of the matter. It will be no surprise to hear that messages of cooperation and control from the military’s top brass and politicians differ wildly with what happens on the ground. Ben provides answers to many crucial questions; would the withdrawal of troops mean civil war? And why have the civilian deaths increased over the past few years?

British and American forces have been in Afghanistan for over ten years. This is now the longest war in US history, surpassing Vietnam – yet victory has, for some time, been a distant prospect in a downward spiral of fading hope. It is an easy read and any reader will become hooked within minutes!

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