Pearl Harbor from Infamy to Greatness (Book) Review

by Pen & Sword Books
Pearl Harbor from Infamy to Greatness

Released: 10th November 2016
RRP: £25.00
Publisher: Weidenfeld and Nicolson
Author: Craig Nelson
Type: Hardback
ISBN: 9781474605649
Pages: 461

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Craig Nelson provides a stunningly detailed account in his latest book of the terror, violence, tragedy, heroism and attack on Pearl Harbor almost seventy five years ago today. A truly epic story told on the grandest scale through three parts of dedicated chapters. Pearl Harbor from Infamy to Greatness, complete with original black and white photographs opens our eyes to a very dramatic moment in world history and helps to give a better insight into aircraft carriers, destroyers, the attacks and even follows the real life accounts of those involved as they fought to save each other on December 7 1941.

Nelson uses this superb narrative to map out the road to war, beginning in 1914 with a very young Roosevelt right up to the after effects of the surprise attack on the United States. An account that drove the US to enter the Second World War and one that we still even now wonder about the consequences.

I haven't seen a book like it, Craig has done a wonderful job, it's truly unique and one I certainly can't put down. At last, Pearl Harbor's true story is told.

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