Resident Evil 6 (Game) Review

Resident Evil 6

Released: 7th November 2012
RRP: 39.99
Publisher: Capcom
Available on: Playstation 3, XBOX 360
Rating: 18

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The Resident Evil games are responsible for some of gaming's most memorable moments over the years. Who can forget the dogs jumping through the windows in the first game or the sound of the lickers from Resident Evil 2, the infamous Nemesis or the amazing locations in the fourth game?

Resident Evil 5 marked a change of direction for the series and was more of an action game than the traditional survival horror outings, but introduced a co op mode which was a lot of fun!

So its with eager anticipation that I approached Resident Evil 6, the latest game in the series. The first thing to strike you about the game is just how good it looks! The graphics are absolutely stunning and the lighting, animations and locations are often jaw dropping.

The sound is also exceptional with the zombies all sounding just as they should and the voice acting, whilst a little cheesy in places, is consistently of a high standard.

The game is split into four campaigns with four different characters. Each of the characters stories introduce a different style of gameplay so the game feels varied. Leon's campaign is the closest to the traditional Resident Evil games and contains many scary and jumpy moments interspersed with the action.

Chris' campaign feels more like a third person action game, almost in the style of Gears at War. Whilst it takes some getting used to, especially if you've just played Leon's campaign, it is good fun especially in co op mode. Jake's campaign has an air of Resident Evil 3 where you're constantly battling a Nemesis type character and some of the fights are nothing short of breathtaking. Ada's campaign fills in many of the plot holes so needs to be played to understand just what has been going on.

Resident Evil 6 is a quality game. Whilst different to the original games in the series, it shows that Capcom is eager to move with the times and give gamers a variety of playing styles.

It also needs to be said just how huge this game is. each campaign will take around 6-8 hours to play through, so multiply that by four and there's plenty to keep you busy here and for a long time too. Co op play adds so much to the experience and to get the best from the game, you need a buddy to play through with although its not essential as the AI does a good job of playing the role of your partner.

I really enjoyed Resident Evil 6 and am looking forward to the next game in the series, though Capcom will have to go some way to top this. Very highly recommended!

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