Resident Evil Revelations (Game) Review

Resident Evil Revelations

Released: 5th June 2013
RRP: 39.99
Publisher: Capcom
Available on: Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii
Rating: PEGI 16

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The Resident Evil series has long been a favourite of mine, right from the first title on Playstation to the recent titles on xbox 360 and PS3. Despite numbers 5 and 6 feeling very different to the first titles, I still found them very enjoyable.

Resident Evil Revelations will please anyone who preferred the more survival horror orientated early games in the series compare to the recent action titles. Revelations takes the series back to its roots with its claustrophobic setting, limited ammo and supplies and intimidating enemies.

Revelations was originally a title for the Nintendo 3DS and whilst a critical success, will only have been available to a fairly limited audience. For its xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U release, the game has undergone a graphical overhaul and now looks stunning! The visuals are HD throughout and the characters, setting and enemies all look the part.

The game is set on a ship which is a stroke of genius from Capcom. It reintroduces the sense of claustrophobia and helplessness of the original games. Due to a lack of resources and the need to manage your inventory, you'll find yourself creeping around every corner, aware that the next enemy could be the one who finishes you off. This enables Revelation to feel truly tense and will delight those who loved the first three games in the series.

The sound is fantastic and really adds to the experience. The feeling of tension is ever present as you know something is going to happen, but not when or from what angle. Dialogue in Resident Evil titles has always been a little on the cheesy side, but here it is much improved and adds to the story which is captivating throughout.

I reviewed this title on the Wii U and the pad doesn't really add a great deal to the experience but I did try the demo on 360 too to compare versions and they stack up well.

This is a very good buy for any survival horror fan, no matter which format you own and is highly recommended.

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