Socket Bayonets (Book) Review

by Milly Wonford
Socket Bayonets

Released: 15th February 2016
RRP: £14.99
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Author: Graham Priest
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9781445649917
Pages: 96

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Socket Bayonets by Graham Priest, as the front cover says, is a history and collector's guide.

Covering the history of the 'socket' from the sixteenth century, through the British Industrial Revolution to more recent warfare, this book is an interesting insight into the origins and developments of, not only the bayonet, but also the socket.

Alongside the brief, yet informative, text are colour photos of great detail that allow for a better understanding of some technical terminology.

The highlight of this book, for me, was that it didn't just focus on one country's development, but delved into the histories of other countries. It allows readers' interest to blossom, and therefore initiating further research on their part.

This book would appeal to gun and weapon enthusiast, but I think reconnaissance enthusiasts as well.

Overall, a well-informed and researched, detailed, and informative book.

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